Modern Fine Perfumery for new hedonism

How to preserve the authenticity of memory? To capture the essence of memories in all their complexity and subtlety? This is the challenge taken up by SPPC, located in the heart of Paris, the historic capital of the art of living. Since 1989, the company has been inspired to create perfumes that have travelled the world. Driven by excellence, we carefully craft fragrances that add a soul and strive to contribute to the French tradition of excellence.

Weaving links, Mémoire des Sens invites you to open your heart, your body and your soul to new sensations, to all that shall nourish the senses, from flavors to scents. A guardian of traditions, sensitive to the notions of elegance and refinement, the brand helps bridge the past and the present, connecting established codes with new disruptive energies.

Like a new form of hedonism which consists in widening one's horizon by letting one's senses be moved by other scents & flavors.