In a tumult of refined gestures, bewitching perfumes, sensory bottles... all the senses are called upon, through Mémoire des Sens. Thought as a sweet melody, the notes of our 5 eaux de parfum, rhyme with each other, reveal our skin and awaken our memory.

Unisex, our creations suit all genders by mixing spicy and full-bodied aromas with freshness and sensuality. The sprays diffuse their poetic aura and revive olfactory memories. To shift to your favorite perfume, to be closer to your current mood and to express your creativity, our fragrances can also be layered together. 

To offer these perfumes the most poetic of adornments, our bottles are conceived as sculptures from elsewhere, mixing glass and liquid, the present and the future, the sophistication of the hand of man meddled with the random effects of the power of nature.

Pure and sensual lines of the refined formats symbolize an ode to "less and better".

Allowing anyone and everyone to invent their own dream...